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Senna Leaves (Sana Makki) 50g - Nigella Source

Seed leaves (sana makki) 50g - snow source


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Nigelle Source presents the leaves of Séné, a natural remedy whose first use dates back to ancient Egypt! These small leaves are now cultivated in India and are known to treat constipations. But we attribute him other virtues that we will make you discover in this article. Nevertheless, it is very important to respect the dosage of the leaves of Séné.

Its effects, being powerful, can cause you some side effects if you abuse this natural remedy.  No panic, we explain how to avoid this in this article! And many other things...! The leaves of Séné: presentation  The leaves of Séné, also called Sana Makki, come from a small shrub growing in the desert areas.

Leaving in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, the Sene is part of the family of legumes. These leaves can be consumed as tea or tisane, at the choice. It is a natural remedy to the rather powerful effects, hence the importance of respecting the dosage! Now come and find out why you have to take sana makki!

The benefits of the leaves of Séné The Sana Makki is an effective plant for belly problems.  But how is she doing? Its laxative effect allows to relieve constipation and helps to produce softer stools. Excellent purgative for your intestines, Séné leaves will purge your digestive system and eliminate accumulated toxins. In addition to stimulating intestinal transit, these small leaves are effective in the treatment of liver diseases. Like anemia or jaunisse. But that’s not all! The Sana Makki is also a very good fat burner. It can be used to eliminate fats by the saddle. It is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle, with a healthy diet and regular sports practice. This in order to avoid taking back the lost weight! 

The Sana Makki would also help improve blood circulation and fight hemorrhoids.  You will have understood, the leaves of sene is a very effective remedy, with many benefits. How to consume the leaves of Séné?

The Sana Makki is ideally consumed in infusion to enjoy a maximum of its effects. It is advisable to drink a cup, without exceeding this dosage, of this infusion daily. To be done, you only need to boil water, put some leaves of Sene in boiling water. Then let infuse at least 10 minutes and finally filter the preparation before drinking it. In addition, it is possible to add honey for the most gourmet of you! Precautions to be taken If you have a doubt or a question, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. Seen leaves are counter-indicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women, fragile people and under 12 years of age.

The use of the leaves of Séné should be moderate, for various reasons: Indeed, over the long term, the makki sana can cause laxative dependence and damage the intestinal tissues. Finally, the laxative effect of sene leaves can cause irritation of the colon and thus a strong dehydration.

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