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Discover the book "How to Renew Your Faith" by Abd al-Razzaq al-Badr, which provides believers with all the necessary elements to strengthen and revitalise their faith. As faith is subject to intensification or diminution, it is crucial for every believer to understand the state of his or her faith and to constantly strengthen it.

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This book discusses the various reasons why faith can weaken and offers practical advice on how to renew it. It also helps believers to avoid factors that can undermine or weaken their faith, such as life's trials, satanic suggestions, bad company, the soul that incites to evil, etc.

This book is therefore an essential guide for every believer who seeks to renew and strengthen his faith.

Every believer should consider faith as his top priority in this life. It is the greatest treasure and the best thing that can fill the heart of a Muslim. Faith elevates the believer in this life and in the Hereafter, and no earthly or eternal benefit can be obtained without a healthy faith. To achieve happiness, a believer must constantly evaluate and strengthen his faith, to ensure that it grows stronger rather than weaker.

He must avoid anything that might undermine or weaken his faith, such as life's trials, satanic suggestions, bad company, or negative impulses from his soul. The book in question offers all the necessary elements to help the believer renew his faith.

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