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When will Palestine sell us back? A book by Sheikh Raslan

When will Palestine come back to us?

Palestine, When Will It Come Back to Us? is a book written by the scholar of the community, Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Sa'îd Raslân, may Allah preserve him. It is a transcript of a Khotba (Friday preaching) intended to enlighten us about Palestine. When will it return to us? This is a sensitive question that Shaykh Raslan answers with clarity and wisdom.

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A book on Palestine by Sheikh RASLAN may ALLAH preserve him proposed by the Kataba edition,

rich in information, historical facts and advice, sheds new light on the Palestinian cause, dear to every Muslim. Using evidence from the Qur'an and the Sunnah, Shaykh Raslan highlightsthe failings of our community and the reasons why Palestine is suffering today.

What are the causes of Palestine's current state?

Among the points raised in this Khutba, which is beneficial to all, are the ingratitude shown by many Muslims, the necessary return to Allah 'azza wa jal, the identity of the Muslim from a religious point of view, the place of Tawhid in the face of hardship, and the danger of certain movements calling themselves "progressive and communist".

The shortcomings of the Muslim and among them that of TAWHID,

By the clarity of the words used, the precision of the words chosen and the highlighting of the failings of the Muslim, the reader has in his hands a work that is highly beneficial to hearts that are sensitive to the situation that Palestine has been enduring for decades. And we ask Allah 'azza wa jal, Lord of the universe, to dispel the pain of our Muslim brothers in Palestine and save them.

A book that will both give us the real state of Palestine today, but also is a reminder to the Muslim community.

This little discussed theme is exposed in a very easy to read book with 135 pages.

A5 format

Author: Sheikh Muhammad ibn Sa'îd Raslân

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