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Advice to Muslim Women
Advice to Muslim Women - Dar al muslim
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Advice to Muslim Women
Advice to Muslim Women - Dar al muslim

Advice to Muslim women - dar al muslim

Finally, after having waited so much, ALLAH gratifies us and honors us to be able to present to you the French version of this long-awaited work, the original having had a great success with Arabic speakers. 

Author:Umm 'Abdillah Al Wadi'iyya

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Concerning the author of the book

It is Umm 'AbdAllah Al-Waâdi'iya which is poured into many sciences and conforms to the behavior of the Prophet saw; She is a deserving woman who is particularly concerned about taking care of her time in a useful way and making her sisters enjoy her science. And that is why Allah has blessed the science that it holds. May Allah reward her in goodness, improve her situation and make her children pious Muslims, he is certainly capable of everything." Sheikh Muqbil.

Excerpt of the book:

  " The different degrees of jealousy

“ Some people seek to eliminate the benefit that untel enjoys by verbally or physically attacking it. Others are trying to get rid of this benefit. Others simply seek to eliminate this benefit without necessarily accusing it. It is the worst and most vile of jealousies. This is the blameless and forbidden jealousy. Some people when they play others do nothing about what might involve their jealousy. They therefore do not assault the jealous person, verbally, or physically. Other people when they feel jealousy in them, do everything to make it disappear. They are then benevolent towards the jealous person, invoking Allah for her and spreading her merits.  They try to make this jealousy disappear by replacing it with the love of this person while hoping that their Muslim brother is better than they and more deserving. This is one of the highest degrees of faith. Those who behave like this are complete believers who desire for their brother what they desire for themselves. End quote from Jâmi Al-‘Ulûm. (p.326/327). No one escapes the feeling of jealousy except those whom Allah has preserved. This is where the proverb comes from “ No body (jasad) escapes jealousy (hasad). However, the infamous lets her perish, while the noble conceals her. » jealousy is manifested between traders, as well as between leaders and co-wives. On this subject, a poet said :

 They jealousized him because they can’t reach his level. So people are his enemies and opponents. Like the wives of a beautiful woman who say  of his face, unjustly and transgression That this face is ugly !

Jealousy is manifested even among some students in religious science. However, this remains rare when it comes to sincere students and scholars. Thus – and this is a blessing of Allah – if one of them could introduce science into his brother’s memory, he would. And this is what my father has taught us that Allah has mercy on him. He said so. “ My children – meaning these students – if science could be poured into a glass, I would have served it to you. But unfortunately, science is only able to rub its knees on the ground. On this subject, Yahiâ ibn Kathîr once said to his son “ Science cannot be acquired without straining its body. »"

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