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How to memorize the Quran? Tawbah Edition
How to memorize the Quran?
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How to memorize the Quran? Tawbah Edition
How to memorize the Quran?

How to memorize the Koran? edition tawbah

How to memorize the Koran? Tawbah Edition

How much do we dream of being able to know the Koran by heart? To recite it with a melodious voice, without errors and without hesitation?

A dream for one, a reality for others. Yet the Word of Allah is true: "We have facilitated the meditation and memorization of the Koran. Is there someone to think?"

But what are the conditions and ways to realize the promise of Allah? Who can memorize the largest part or even the entire Koran? Should we have a specific donation? Being Arabic? Have done high school? It is nothing: "This is the grace of Allah which He gives to whom He wills, and Allah is Immense and He knows all."

This book is the starting point and the roadmap of all those who sincerely wish to memorize the Koran but do not know how to do it. Each of us can learn the Koran in whole or in part. It is only necessary to know the conditions and rules that govern this science, to choose an effective method and to be patient and constant in the effort. "For him who fears his Lord and patient, Allah does not lose the reward of the benefactors. "

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How to memorize the Koran? Tawbah Edition

This book gives you advice and methods to learn the Koran with the most ease.

An indispensable support for anyone who wishes to sincerely memorize the Holy Qur'an but who does not know how to take it.

Nb of pages : 126 - Cover : flexible - Tawbah Edition

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