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The Behaviour of the Memorizer of the Koran - Ibn Badis

The Coran Memorial Behavior - Ibn Badis

The Behavior of the Quran - An-Nawâwi - Ibn Badis

Allah has preserved His Book of all alteration and change, as He has preserved it from all futile and error. He said "that His names are purified" عنَّا نلحْنَّ نَّلْنََّّكْجلَّكْرة وجلَّا لَّ لَّ لَّافعمة  (sense of the verse): In truth, We have sent down the Koran, and We are the guardian of it. [Al-Hijr, 9].

It is part of the grace of Allah on His servants, the fact that He facilitates them the paths of the learning of the Qur'an, of his reading, of his practice, of the assimilation in his study, and of his behaviours and observe his conditions. The Qur'an is therefore distinguished by preservation and immutability. He is the banquet of Allah, the cable of Allah and the bright light.

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The Behavior of the Quran - An-Nawâwi - Ibn Badis

Imam An-Nawawi himself praised and described this work as valuable. It is indeed a complete book that gathers everything the beginner needs to know.

As for the informed reader, it is not left to account, it will discover subjects and noble behaviors that it is rare to find in another work. We therefore ask Allah to make this book useful to Muslims.

Hardcover - Edition Ibn Badis - Number of pages: 216

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