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Mug ramadan

The month of Ramadan a moment of sharing and propitious to make gifts a month or the gates of paradise are open, or we must also multiply good deeds, such as reading the Koran, overerogatory prayers, benevolence to our parents our children the family, neighbors, friends etc, We give you the opportunity to offer mugs to your loved ones on the theme of RAMADAN, why ? For it is a gift that makes fun of for sure, more it is very useful either to drink in the morning before the sunrise (before the sobh prayer) or for the breaking of the jeun to drink the “ laban » or any other wood, water, fruit juice ... In addition, it will be usable all year round and will recall that the next Ramadan arrives very quickly. As the Salafs did at the time of the Prophet sala Allah alayhi wa salam they constantly remembered the month of Ramadan : Lthe first generations of Muslims (the Salafs) had the habit of praying for six months so that their fasting would be accepted to Allah, and they spent the other six months asking Him to live until the next Ramadan. To meditate soubhan ALLAH!

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