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Ihram child

Ihram for children from easydin. The young boy also has to put his ihram (in Arabic he writes: Эحرام ) to accomplish a Hajj or a Omra. But we found the little shop that offers this garment, yet so important for an act of immense worship. The ihram consists of two large pieces of white tissue. It is two pieces of fabrics called the IZAR and the RID each piece should not be sewn.  We therefore offer you Ihram for children at the best value. We ask ALLAH azawajel to facilitate us all the fulfilment of the 5ème pillar of Islam which is Hajj. We also ask Allah tabaraka allahou wa ta3ala to allow us or to return to Mecca and Medina in the presence of our Muslim children. What's more beautiful than seeing her child in a state of sacralisation in front of the KAABA ? 

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