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Biography and history

In this category we offer books to learn the life of the Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings of Allah on him). This science is an obligation because it represents one of the three fundamental questions on which we will be questioned in the Tomb. Indeed, the believers must know their Prophet, so it is essential for us to study his life, with the evidence from the Quran and the Sounnah to be able to follow his way in the best ways. Also among the beneficial works, there are the stories of the prophets with what they involve as lessons, reminders, exhortations, threats, etc... These stories allow believers to know what happened to the peoples who preceded us on the surface of the earth, and to learn from their stories. This also allows us to learn more about the best of men. And finally we propose various biographies of the pious predecessors who represent the best generations of Muslims in our community so that we can take an example of them and follow them as it is.

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