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Exhortation and reminder

Exhortation and recall in Islam are essential because they revitalize and strengthen the heart of the Muslim and Muslim. They also constitute a rempart and protection against satanic insufflations. Indeed, the devil has ceased to tempt the human being to deviate from the right path and to fall into disobedience and sin. However, Allah's reminder takes away the devil, restores life to the heart and serves as a shield against the various temptations of the evil counselor. In the same way that the body needs oxygen for its survival, the heart needs the reminder of Allah in all the circumstances of life. For this reason, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah upon him) has told us many invocations to pronounce in every situation so that believers are constantly in the reminder of Allah. We offer you a wide range of very beneficial books on this subject, hoping that they will benefit you to the maximum.

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